LIVE PERFORMANCE by Yara Mekawei and Ahmed Mohsen Mansour
AIR studio ll Rote Fabrik, Zürich ll Track A ll First Floor
23rd June 2019 ll 5 pm

This project is part of a series of dialogue-based art practices.

Inspired by their previous collaboration on the last year, Yara Mekawei, and Ahmed M.Mansour continue to present the artistic-dialogue based on the performance to the public. Their collaboration was in the first part in Zurich 2018 on a conceptual discussion, for different artistic angles about the passage of time in daily life.

This second part of the project presents a conceptual vision of the circulation of human memory through the five senses; Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch. We recognize the descriptions and physical functions of the senses. But there are other levels of evidence-based on philosophical beliefs of the five senses.
This part is a performance aims at presenting five different zones for five senses, display elements that are meaningful and related to configurations in the memory, and it is interesting to note that the same elements may have other connotations for each individual in the audience, they share their senses and memories with integrated into conceptual definitions of human memory.

Yara Mekawei // is a Cairo-based electronic music composer and sound artist. A prolific artist and scholar, Mekawei‘s sonic bricolages draw inspiration from the flow of urban centers and the infrastructure of cities. Interested in the philosophy of architecture, history, and literature. Mekawei used the optical transfer from the musical conversation and transferring the sound waves to visual forms. Her work is based on sound as a tool of vision, the philosophy of composition is shaped by sophisticated practices that convey messages of conceptual dimension to the public. Mekawei using the research literature specializing in the social ideologies in her concepts. She follows her projects through a research point of uniting between work and the other, whose work shows an intangible aspect of her personality, and being feminine in an East African society. 

Ahmed Mohsen Mansour (*1987) // is an Egyptian Artist based in Cairo. Mansour has participated in several exhibitions and workshops within the fields of video, photography, and animation in Egypt, USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Spain, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Mansour’s work is based on memories of events he has been involved in. Fascinated by the endless oscillation of the human condition, he looks at what can start as a triumph and turns into a manifesto of defeat, leaving a sense of what could have been. He distorts those phenomenons through diligent personal practice, leaving the viewer with a testament from the edges of his world.

Yara Mekawei ► yaramekawei.wix.com/yaramekawei
Ahmed Mohsen Mansour :