Internationale Kunststipendien 2023: Atelier- und Reisestipendien

Ab 1.05. bis 12.06.2022 online offen zur Bewerbung: Freie Reise- und Atelier-Stipendien in den Bereichen Bildende Kunst, Literatur, Mode &Toextil, Tanz, Recherche
für Kunstschaffende aus BS/BL, SO, sowie Südbaden und Elsass

The call for applications for the 2023 scholarships will go online on 1st of May 2022.
Application period: 1 May –  12th of June 2022
A total of 14 studio scholarships in the fields of visual arts, literature, fashion & textiles and dance & performing arts are being offered.
New to the programme is a scholarship for professional photographers and a scholarship for curators, art mediators and art critics.

The application form is available in German or French.

Note: The selection of grants will be communicated at the end of August / beginning of September 2022.

You will find all the information online (from 1st of May):