IS DANCE ONE? – dance events in Geneva

Embassy of Foreign Artists is pleased to invite you to a cycle of events with our residents Mohamad Abbasi, Gavin Krastin and Anastasia Proshutinskaya. These events will take place in the ADC studios at Grütli, rue Général-Dufour 16, free entry except for workshops chf 30.- in the morning and chf 20.- in the afternoon. The whole program is in English.

Monday, November 19 2018 | 19h00-22h00 | Discussion | 3rd floor studio | Free entry
With Mohamad Abbasi, Anastasia Proshutinskaya & Gavin Krastin. An open discussion in which we explore how a singular approach to dance has emerged as an intersection of multiplicities. Or has it?
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Saturday, November 24 2018 | 10h00-13h00 | Workshop 1 | 2d floor studio | CHF 30.-
By Mohamad Abbasi. Working on some questions, through our “body imagination”. What are our movement urgencies? What are impulses that make us move?
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TO MAKE DANCING DIFFICULT: breaking lines, augmenting the body, disrupting rhythm and and agitating agency through scenographic devices.
Saturday, November 24 2018 | 14h00-16h00 | Workshop 2 | 2d floor studio | CHF 20.-
By Gavin Krastin. This workshop explores ways in which scenography-as-costuming can be utilised not to decorate the body or solidify narrative, but rather how it can produce and augment choreography.
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Monday November 26, 2018 | 19h00-21h00 | Conference | 3d floor studio | Free entry
By Anastasia Proshutinskaya. Narrative is allowed to return back to art. It is probably a reaction to the chaos of information around us, to disorienting relativity and multiplicity – artists and audiences sort of need to make some particular sense of it again.
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