name of institution: ENZYAN
address:  Fop 1a
PO box (post office box):
postcode, city: 7493 Schmitten
canton: Grisons
country: Switzerland
phone: 0041 79 303 72 28
email: info@enzyan.ch
website: www.enzyan.ch


name of studio: KUNSTHAUS KLOSTERS
address: Landstrasse 173
postcode, city: 7250 Klosters-Serneus
canton: Grisons
website: www.kunsthausklosters.ch
geographical location, how to get there: you get to Klosters, which is located in the Swiss Alps, by car or train
language area: Swiss German, Rumantsch
number of studios: 1 studio for up to 3 artists
rooms, description: As part of the anniversary “800 years of Klosters – Walser pride and world stories”, the temporary KUNSTHAUS KLOSTERS is coming into being in the former Klosters-Platz school building. With the anniversary celebration on May 28th, an exhibition will start in specially prepared former school rooms, which offers a platform for local, national and international artists from the present and the past – related to Klosters in terms of content, form or person. A celebratory opening with a happening and catering takes place and forms the prelude to six months of KUNSTHAUS KLOSTERS, during which time parts of the exhibition are constantly changing – divided into three phases of seven weeks each. In each of these phases, a group of artists moves into the former caretaker’s apartment and works as artist in residence in the KUNSTHAUS KLOSTERS
exists since: will be existing from 25.5.2022 until 31.11.2022
remarks: We offer for the duration of the residence
• one room per artist in a furnished 4 1⁄2-room attic apartment of the primary school building Klosters-Platz – in a shared apartment with two other artists: inside,
• For each project phase a bright former classroom with approx. 48 m2 area, minimal infrastructure,
• A workshop room with basic equipment as a work space,
• Generous space to present and exhibit the work.


name: Konrad Gruber & Dana Pedemonte
phone: +41 78 786 65 71
email: info@enzyan.ch


costs for residents: arrival, public transportation, food and daily expenses are up to the artist
additional grant: We offer a grant of CHF 800 per artist as a contribution towards living and project costs for the duration of the residence
amount: CHF 800
financed by: Sponsors of the project


allocation by: A five-person jury – consisting of the steering group, the project management and an invited guest juror – selects three artist-in-residence artists for each project phase from the submitted applications, or an existing group of three, whose concept and contemporary positions complement and condense the planned exhibition.
appilcants: Are you an active, initiative personality with good qualifications in your field, a lot of curiosity, creativity and commitment and enjoyment in artistic design in dialogue with a broader audience? We look forward to receiving your application by February 28, 2022

The focus of the artist in residence stay is the project process as well as the involvement and interactive exchange with an interested public. What is desired is visibility, extensive work on site and a “finished” product at the end of the stay, which forms an integral part of the exhibition and (if necessary) relates to the other works on display. The project topic can be broad, but should have a clear reference to at least one of the following points: reference to the place and the population of Klosters, to the Walser culture, to regional art or the exhibited works of art or to current social issues in mountain regions. 

We kindly ask you to apply by February 28, 2022, stating your motivation and a specific proposal as to which work (s) you would like to work on during your stay and show at the exhibition. For registration and allocation, we ask you to attach a portfolio and a short CV. The entry can be made online or by post. Please note the binding dates, the regulations and the conditions mentioned in the cover letter. Dossiers that are not accepted will be returned.

art disciplines: Your task is to enter into a dialogue with the existing rooms, materials, the history of Klosters and the Walser culture, but also with the works of art already exhibited (or even the exhibiting artists themselves!) and manifest your vision of Klosters in the past the present and future. The KUNSTHAUS KLOSTERS gradually fills up, remains in constant motion during the six months of the project and continues to surprise. Finissages, workshops, performances or happenings can be part of this movement.
age: no age limit
duration of stay: IMPORTANT: Please indicate which time slot you prefer or is possible for you:
Project window 1: May 28 – July 15, 2022
Project window 2: July 18 – September 2, 2022
Project window 3: September 5 – October 21, 2022 


rent, extra charges:
financed by: Sponsors of the project