Learn how to build your own brick with Birender Yadav

Rote Fabrik has played a significant role in the economic and cultural life of Zurich since 1892; first as a silk, then as a paper factory and now as a centre for culture and creation. Carrying with it this history of human labour, it is a witness to the power structures of the past. My art practice, informed by a childhood spent in the coal mines of Jharkhand, India, revolves around labouring people and their contexts vis-a-vis the power structures involved.
As the current Pro-Helvetia resident artist, I am happy to invite all for an experience of the labour of making bricks as they are still constructed in many places in the world including India.
Workshop: Build your own brick
Come by during the opening hours of the studio and learn how to build your own brick.
All the material required will be provided at the studio and tea and cookies will be served with pleasure. No registration aquired and no fee given. 

The bricks that you make are yours and may be collected during the installation at the Open Studio days as a performative act on
Fry 20.9. to Sun 22.9., 5 -7 pm.

Looking forward to get our hands muddy and work it!


Fry 23.8., 3 – 7
Sat 24.8., 11 – 6
Sun 25.8., 11 – 6

Fry 30.8., 3 – 7
Sat 31.8., 11 – 6
Sun 1.9., 11 – 6

Fry 6.9., 3 – 7
Sat 7.9., 11 – 6
Sun 8.9., 11 – 6

Mon 16.9., 11 – 7
Tue 17.9., 11 – 7
Wed 18.9., 11 – 7

At the AiR Studio, Trakt A, 1st floor
Rote Fabrik, AiR Artists in Residence, Seestrasse 395, CH-8038 Zürich