11-20.08.22 / Pop-up restaurant in Lausanne 
27.08.22 / Day-time feast at La Becqueabgesagt !!!
La Becque is thrilled to partner up with Mise en Place Cooks!, a program developed by our friends Deli Social in Lausanne, to host its first one-month experimental culinary residency. Starting from July 27, designer Pauline Lemberger and her project partner Joëlle Dorigo will experiment with recipes based on a proposal which spans themes of pregnancy, motherhood, retirement and preservation, and share many concerns with La Becque’s focus themes centered on nature, the environment and technologies (new and archaic). Joëlle (69) and Pauline (30) will present their vision of meaningful, contemporary dining over the course of 10 evenings in Lausanne at Deli Social (11-20.08.22), followed by a celebratory conclusive feast at La Becque on August 27. Stay tuned for more information regarding schedules and reservations. 

Mise en Place’s program, whose model combines artistic residency and business incubator aspects, offers a unique opportunity for projects that deal with all things edible. This year, program laureates Pauline and Joëlle chose to focus their research on the Golden Month, a four-week period following the birth of a child in which the mother is celebrated and culinary specialties abound.

As a common practice found in similar forms in many cultures, Pauline and Joëlle are taking advantage of this tradition to explore new recipes, but also to question the concept of time in the kitchen. If we often demand freshness of ingredients, what do we do with those that age? The duo will seek to bring out the best in each ingredient and preserve them for as long as possible, drawing inspiration from the culinary traditions of the Golden Month. Inspired by their own experiences, they also take on the subject of retirement that is seen as a “golden age” period, where people have the time to do whatever they want. Which role does food play in this period? Thus, what would be the best feast for pregnant women? Or the best festive meal for retired people? Over food, Pauline and Joëlle will share their experiences and questions with the audience during their residency.
La Becque · Chemin de la Becque 1 · La Tour-de-Peilz
Deli Social, Place du Tunnel 11, Lausanne