Mutual Fantasy: A divination talk workshop

Mountain River Jump! (Artists In residence im Gastatelier Gleis 70, Zürich / Altstetten)
Time: 2pm~8pm ,May 27, May 28
Address: Chorgasse 5, Zurich

You are encouraged to experience all the self-developed divination systems created by Mountain River Jump!. The interactive works shown at Chorgasse 5 aim to explore the possibilities of communication and re-examine our memories as well as cultural memes.

You can also choose to talk with the artists by playing Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms. Mountain River Jump! has chosen 49 Chinese animal idioms that are frequently used in daily life, then illustrated them and made them into 49 divinatory cards, from which we can see how our ancestors described human’s situation through animal idioms. The same kind of analogies can be also found in Zhouyi (the I Ching). Mountain River Jump! has interacted with over 500 visitors using their self-designed divination cards.

Language English
Entrance: pay what you want
Come and Go
by and with Mountain River Jump!

Mountain River Jump! is an artist duo profoundly influenced by Jungian psychology, which was founded by identical twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He (a.k.a. Yellow Mountain and Yellow River) in 2016. Mountain River Jump! pays attention to the embodiment of mythological clues in a daily context, reflecting on the materialist culture within modern China and its psychological status. Their recent participated projects: do it China 2021, Asia Society Triennial 2020 in New York, Buddhist Youths at Goethe-Institut Beijing in 2019. They are the artists of 2022 Residency Programme, Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council.

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Instagram: #mountainriverjump