open call – viadellafucina16, Torino

Deadline for the open call: June 25th

viadellafucina16 is a new artist-in-residency programme which will take place in a condominium in the heart of the historical district of Porta Palazzo in Turin, Italy. Through an international open call, opened to multidisciplinary proposals, artists will be invited to spend residency periods in the 19th-century building, which has been abandoned in a state of decline for thirty years now. During the residency, selected artists will have the power to realize their artworks into the common spaces of the condominium, with the purpose of promoting its retraining and activating a dialogue among the different communities and cultures of its inhabitants. Winning projects will be selected by the tenants of the condominium mediated by a board of curators and insiders. Selected proposals will have to involve the community of the building and of the district in the design and realization of the artworks, to interpret their desires, to activate new and durable forms of sociality and collective care of the common spaces.
The condominium – a place where we experience the first form of democracy as well as intersection point between the private and public dominium – opens itself to the artistic practice as an element of an aesthetic, social and cultural regeneration. It will become a symbolic place where a community can represent itself, in the same way as historical nobles’ palaces, thanks to the works of the artists, used to represent the prestige of noble families.
The place, always visible and open to citizenship, will define the first international condominium-museum experiment.
The old gatehouse of this building – reopened and chaired by a team of young sociologists and anthropologists from the University of Turin – will be turned into an “art gatehouse” to receive the visitors and to gather the desires of the inhabitants.
The program will be enriched with exhibitions, events and talks organized by Idiòt, the new independent art gallery. In addition to that it will be activated a tourist accommodation service and a creation workshop, Fucina16, managed by artists from Turin inside the common garden.
The whole project will be studied and monitored by a group of young sociologists and anthropologists from the University of Turin, in order to make it replicable as a model.
viadellafucina16 will constitute a never seen before connection between the artistic practice and the living fabric of a defined community, which aims to prove, through this experiment led in a small contest, how art and culture can become powerful tools to solve social conflicts and for a collective transformation.

Residencies will take place from July to December
Deadline for the open call: June 25th