Open Studio at atelier mondial

2022 is coming to an end and we look back on an exciting year that will come to a wonderful close with the open studio of our guest artists Fatima Rodrigo, matiush first (Valeria Kuznetsova) and Kara Springer. 
Open Studio on Friday December 16
2-5 pm Open Studio
5-6 pm Talk with Dagmara Wyskiel, founder and director of the festival for contemporary art SACO
Snacks and drinks will be served
Fátima Rodrigo from Peru uses various media to question the universal idea of modernity and deals with post-colonial structures. Ancient teachings and technologies are contrasted with current knowledge on textiles. During her residency at Atelier Mondial, she has explored practices and worldviews related to nature that have been repressed or excluded by history.
The work of Matiush First (Valeria Kuznetsova) from Yekaterinburg is based on the analysis of visual heritage, the deconstruction of materiality and the investigation of the influence of digital reality on the practice of seeing, perception and representation. She understands the image as the sum of all that is perceived by the organs of visual perception and therefore constantly experiments with a variety of media and techniques: from traditional drawing to working with microcontrollers. In this way, she explores how the different ways of seeing work today.

Venue: Salon Mondial (first floor), Freilager-Platz 9,
4142 Münchenstein, (tram no 11 until stop «Freilager»).