Open Studio Mizanur Chowdhury

Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury or Sakib as friends call him, lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is our Artist in Residence from October until December 2021.A fter many hours of exploring, carefully listening, collecting, rejecting, connecting, rethinking and arraning we warmly invite you to have a look behind studio doors:
Sun, 5 December 2021, 2-6 pm
6 until 9 December 2021 by appointment

“We live in a strange world where fiction and reality co-exist. Everyday unusual events for example, human destruction, war, migrations, death, and ecological destruction and more have become a normal phenomena and we dream for a peaceful world within political, financial and technological utopias. My project will be a poetic gesture to question these issues through experiencing everyday life. The development will be in flux and floating movement which can navigate to several direction and I shall allow these multiplicities, possibilities, miracles and chances. It would be interesting to know how they interact in different time, space and situation.”
Gastatelier Rote Fabrik, IG Rote Fabrik, Seestrasse 400 , Zürich