Open Studio Opiyo Okach

Friday, 17 June 22: 2-8 pm
Walk-in/walk-out ongoing installation
AiR studio, office Trakt A, first floor to the left, free entry

“Together with Swiss-Ukranian dancer Yevheniya Kravets and Kenyan sound artist/ambient composer Joseph Kamaru (KMRU) we will be sharing and trying out some of the process we’ve been working on in the form of a walk-in walk-out performance installation.
During my residency ‘Bodies in disPlacement’ I’ve been working around the idea of resonance. The way that things that happen in one place can have impact in other places. The ways we may or may not be (dis)connected. I’ve been contemplating how live performance may not be just ‘me here right now’ but ‘me you, here there, now then’. About performance as something that may be fragmented, extended and interacted across multiple time and geography. Working with different artistic collaborators over the past weeks we’ve specifically been thinking about presence & relationships of object and image; relationship of the performers body, movement, gesture and their image.
Using digital tools and creative programming we’ve been experimenting with a spatial and audio-visual installation that permits the performer to interact and improvise with their own image and the space about them. A sort of prototype of a more developed system. Interesting questions about autonomy and control have began to emerge. Who is in control? the performer or the image. How does the spectator perceive or engage with the dispositive.
We’ve also been looking at how this installation may function as a space with which visitors may engage.”
Opiyo Okach performer / choreographer / interaction designer and artist in residence April to June 2022

Other artistic collaborators who have contributed to the process include:
Waithera Rina Sch – dancer
Priscilla Mignon – dancer
Angela Stocklin – performer
Alejandro Olarte – electro-acoustic composer
Meret Schlegel – choreographer and coach
Yevheniya Kravets IG @yennykravets
Joseph Kamaru KMRU Website

IG Rote Fabrik, AiR Artists in Residence, Seestrasse 395, CH-8038 Zürich