PSYCHASTHENIA C: surface, tension

Alexandra Bellon | Anne Briset
Jeudi 24 mai 2018 – 18H30
@ 76 Acacias (RU)
Embassy of Foreign Artists, Carouge, Genève

In the framework of his residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists – which started in January – Jason Thorpe Buchanan will present a performance-installation for two performers, Alexandra Bellon and Anne Briset, electronics, and live video processing.

«PSYCHASTHENIA C: surface, tension» is the third installment in a cycle of works for ensemble and immersive processing environment. During the performance, reservoirs of media files are created, retrieved, re-organized, and composited against one another, creating temporal, aural, and visual dissonances between past and present actions-events unfolding on stage and in media generated in real-time. The commingling of fluctuating chronologies creates temporal instability, challenges the mutability of memory, and proposes an alternative, speculative engagement with bodily-lived time.

Produced in collaboration with percussionists Alexandra Bellon and Anne Briset, this performance-installation will include a discussion of his recent work as a departure point for a more dynamic and open musical situation, culminating in the premiere of surface, tension.


Jason Thorpe Buchanan (*1986, San Mateo, California) @ Embassy of Foreign Artists: January to May 2018 |
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Jason Thorpe Buchanan is an american composer who’s work explores temporal dissonance, memory, and perception through the structural intersection of physical gesture, fragile sounds, and behavior of live audio/video processing. During his residency, he has developed an immersive multimedia processing environment for ensemble and multiple projection surfaces, working towards completion of a cycle titled PSYCHASTHENIA and his multimedia opera «Hunger».

He is currently working as Artistic Director of the [Switch~Ensemble], Curator for the San Francisco Center for New Music and full-time Lecturer in Composition, Theory, and Electronic Music at Mahidol University’s College of Music in Thailand. Commissions and international performances include work with ensembles such as Alarm Will Sound (USA), Talea (USA), Interface (DE), Nikel (Israel), Linea (FR), Insomnio (NL), EXAUDI (UK), Slagwerk Den Haag (NL), Eklekto Percussion (CH), Mivos Quartet (USA), Iktus Percussion, The Industry, wild Up, FÜNF+FÜNF Festival (DE), and the Eastman Musica Nova Ensemble, among others. Scenes from Hunger have received performances at Darmstadt, Los Angeles and NYC with the [Switch~ Ensemble].