” Vivid Orbit “, Ahmed Mohsen Mansour in the 24hrs Project

“ I am an event maker
Snapping moments and reviving memories
Recollecting and reminding stories, they should return to the present ”

Ahmed Mohsen Mansour (*1987) is an Egyptian Artist based in Cairo and currently in residence at Rote Fabrik, Zürich, thanks to Pro Helvetia. Mansour has participated in several exhibitions and workshops within the fields of video, photography and animation in Egypt, USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Spain, Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Mansour’s work is based on memories of events he was involved into. Fascinated by the endless oscillation of the human condition, he looks at what can start as a triumph and turns into a manifesto of defeat, leaving a sense of what could have been. He distorts those phenomens through diligent personal practice, leaving the viewer with a testament from the edges of his world.

From Wednesday 24th of January at 18:00 (opening with a public apero)
Until Thursday 25th of January at 18:00 at Gotthardstrasse 54, 8002 ZH

The 24 hours Project is a not for profit experimental platform, which takes place between exhibitions at TART Zürich. What happens during the deconstruction and reconstruction phases? The 24 hours Project intends to show that during the ” idle phase ” various settings can take place within a gallery. Artists are invited to take over the space for 24 hours to meet, share, process, participate, perform, showcase, experiment. Project curated by Anne-Laure Franchette