Where Light Is Needed

Carlos Fernandez, Gast-Künstler des Freiraum Stipendiums aus Costa Rica
Opening: Saturday November 16, 7-11pm

This current project is part of the residency Freiraum-index that takes part at Dienstgebäude art space.

During the residency of Carlos Fernandez, Carlos Fernandez took the history of the Old Botanical Garden and the Gessner Garden  as his starting points of research. It is here where he encounters Conrad Gessner´s botanical studies which are reinterpreted through his pictorial language. “Where light is needed” is the act of recognizing the intrinsic power of overlooked life; the one that is sometimes seen but is mostly out of focus.

We would be happy to welcome you at the opening!
With drinks and snacks
The exhibition will be open only this Saturday November 16!